Unbelievable Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Earlier you might have used hydrogen peroxide just to wipe your cuts or clean your mobile phones. However, there are certain unbelievable uses of hydrogen peroxide that you would be astonished to know. It is not only used to enhance our beauty but used for numerous other purposes as well. Let’s discuss them in detail below:

1) Teeth whitener

Yellow teeth are not a problem now. No need to visit a dentist just use hydrogen peroxide.

2) Mouthwash

Secondly, it serves as a homemade mouthwash. You simply need to mix it with water to use as mouthwash which refreshes your breath. Sometimes it might be useful to cure a toothache. So before opting for a toothache relieving medicine, you can take a chance of using hydrogen peroxide for this purpose

3) Whitening nails

Girls often complain about having yellow nails. This problem can also be solved by using hydrogen peroxide

4) Acne treatment

Got a pimple no need to go to the skin specialist. Because of its antibacterial properties, hydrogen peroxide can cure acne. You can either use it directly or mix it with water in the case sensitive skin problems.

5) Clearing wax from ears

Although not advised by the doctors it is helpful in clearing wax from ears. So be careful while trying this

6) Deodorant

It can prove to be a handy deodorant to get rid of underarms smell. Just rub a bit under your arms to get rid of that smell.

7) Corns

If you have a corn or calluses than soaking in a mixture of warm water and hydrogen peroxide can soften your corns and calluses.

8) Clean brushes

You might have often thought as to how to clean your toothbrush or hair brush. Hydrogen peroxide provides you with the answer. You can use it to clean your toothbrush and hair brush

9) Bleach alternative

Another use of hydrogen peroxide is the alternative to bleach. If you think that bleach is harsh for your clothes, then use hydrogen peroxide because it can clean your clothes without causing any damage.

10) Prevents ear infection

Often people get an ear infection after swimming. You have a cure here what you need to do is just mix hydrogen peroxide with vinegar. Now pour some drops of it in your ears after the swim to avoid ear infection.

11) Cleaning

Apart being a beauty enhancer, it helps cleaning your home surfaces

12) Disinfecting

Another usage of hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant is for cutting boards. Bacteria often gets soaked in cutting boards because of the raw meat cut on it. It can be removed with the help of hydrogen peroxide.

13) Cleaning fruits and vegetables

In order to clean your fruits and veggies before washing, you can spray hydrogen peroxide on them for deep and proper cleaning

14) Cleaning washrooms

You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean the toilet bowls and tub scums. Apply it for thirty minutes to your toilet bowl or tubs for good cleaning and stain removing.


Thus there are numerous uses of hydrogen peroxide. We just need to buy it now and start using it in the way we want.