No one has all the answers. It would be stupidity to think that. Still, there are some lessons I have learned from facing adversity over and over again and these have helped me get through many obstacles.

Being the Superman of Your Own Life

If you are a human being, you have probably made dozens of mistakes before reaching this point. Take all your mistakes and figuratively, toss them off the table. The only fundamental rule is to move forward. Think of yourself as the protagonist of a movie and then make decisions. This is your life. You cannot be anticipating that someone will save you. No one will. Only you can pull yourself out of the cave you are in.

Fail Often, Fail Better

People often view failure as this great brick wall that you have hit and cannot surmount. But nothing could be farther from the truth. It is about learning from failure and beginning again in a more intelligent way. When you fail, look back at the obstacle and try to come up with a game plan for the future. Get up and get going.

A Positive Attitude is a Choice

People have this self-deprecating habit of blaming their fate or their circumstances for their downfalls. You have to unlearn this negative behavior and learn to find, even though it may be hard, a silver lining in that rainy cloud. How you react to outside forces is entirely up to you. You have to become mindful and resist the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. You also can make gratitude lists for this.

Observation without Judgment

This one is a little harder. It involves cleansing the lens through which you see life. Put aside all your bias and prejudice and learn to see beauty without your preconceived notions of what beauty looks like. This would involve going to the root of your biases and questioning their basis.

Dwell in Simplicity

The best things in life are the simplest. You do not need a magnifier to find them. Simple things like meeting family, or friends, smiling because you find something beautiful, watching a good movie etcetera; life is made up of them. You have to fake it until you can do it without constant reminders. Learn to enjoy smaller things, reward yourself for little accomplishments and your road will be a bit easier.

Death is Imminent

How long does the average human being have to live? Maybe you will live for 50 years, 60 years or 70 years. Everyone has to die at some point in their lives. This fact is undeniable. And isn’t it empowering? Instead of living from dawn to dusk like some rat, it would be better if we really lived. Since you get only one chance, tell people in your life that you love them, call that old friend you are secretly missing and do the things you would do if you had just one day to live. Do it right now.